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"The days where we’re just building sprawl forever, those days are over. I think that Republicans, Democrats, everybody recognizes that that’s not a smart way to build communities."

President Barack Obama
in Fort Meyers - February 10, 2009
Take action alert!
Miami-Dade’s Sprawl Checkup!
Now is your chance to weigh in and be heard! Miami-Dade County is due for it’s 7-year exam and your input is needed to reinvest in our existing communities!

Overdevelopment and traffic have become too costly to Miami families. The Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) is our chance help redirect County growth management policies Development Master Plan (CDMP) and offer solutions!
Please attend of the town hall meetings near you!
August 24th 6-8:30 p.m. Martin Luther King Center
2525 NW 62 Street, 2nd Floor. Miami, Fl 33147

August 25th 6-8:30 p.m. West Kendall Regional Library
10201 Hammocks Blvd, Miami, Fl 33196

August 26th 6-8:30 p.m Miami Lakes Library
6699 Windmill Gate Road, Miami, Fl 33014

August 27th 6-8:30 p.m South Dade Government Center
10710 SW 211 Street Miami, FL 33189

August 31st 8:30 p.m West Dade Regional Library
9445 Coral Way Miami, FL 33165
Tell your Commissioner To Say No To Parklands Development

Is Miami-Dade Selling Out????

Did you know…

Miami-Dade reports 59,798 pre-foreclosures between January and September 2008?
More than 14.2% of existing housing units in the county are vacant?
Since 1994 the county has lost 27% of active farmlands?
Miami residents waste more than 50 hours in traffic delays each year?
Florida has just beat out California for the highest home foreclosures in the nation?

Lennar’s Parklands project would:

Add 6,941 homes to the surplus of homes on the market in Miami-Dade.
Use nearly 1 million gallons of water per day.
Be built in a FEMA flood zone.
Develop 961 acres of Miami-Dade’s remaining agricultural lands.
Increase the population by an estimated 18,232 residents.
Pave open space within 2 miles of Everglades National Park.
Offer less than 10% of its units for affordable housing.
Have insufficient density to support mass transit.

Meetings -
YOUR VOICE is needed at these important meetings. It’s time to tell Miami-Dade officials that our economy, our environment, and our community can’t afford to keep bailing out private land developers!

December 18, 2008, 9:30 A.M. Board of County Commissioners Hearing
County Commission Chamber
111 N.W. 1st Street

Hold the Line wins State Support!!!
Will Miami Dade Commissioner Gamble with our Budget?

The Department of Community Affairs has filed a lawsuit rejecting Miami-Dade County Commissioners efforts to move the Urban Development Boundary (UDB) in an effort to preserve the Everglades, our community and quality of life!


Tell your Commissioner it’s time to stand up and rescind the ordinance today before wasting another precious tax dollar!

Meetings - Take Action NOW!

Although we successfully defeated one application, we still have a long way to go. County Commissioners voted to transmit with a recommendation of adoption an application for a Lowe’s store in Doral and a retail project in West Kendall. Both of these projects impact fire and rescue service response times, traffic, and wellfield protection zones which protect our water supply from degradation.

A special thank you to Commissioners Sorenson, Heyman, Gimenez, Moss and Sosa who fought for the all of Miami-Dade County residents citing water needs, infrastructure deficits and a surplus of available lands for residential, retail and industrial use within the Urban Development Boundary! Thank you for being stewards of smart growth for Miami-Dade and not succumbing to developer driven public policy!

TAKE ACTION NOW! Hold The Line Needs You!
Click here to voice your opposition to development outside the current Urban Development Boundary (UDB).

GET INVOLVED!! The future of Miami-Dade County is at stake. County Commissioners are under pressure to move the Urban Development Boundary, in order to accommodate land speculators and big developers. Some massive development plans are already being reviewed by state agencies. Nearly one dozen applications to move the UDB have been filed with the county and will be reviewed by the county commission in the coming months. There will be public meetings and chances for you to be educated on the issues and to become involved. Hold The Line believes that the needs of current taxpayers and residents must be fully accounted for, before any decisions to build new cities in areas that are already overburdened with traffic, inadequate schools, and parks. Our drinking water needs and environment must be fully protected. You must help, if you care about your future, your neighborhood, or your community. Help us Hold The Line!!

Urban Sprawl Strikes Again

A look at any aerial photograph of Miami-Dade County will show you where the Everglades meets development and rooftops give way to marshy wetlands. In a 1975, the Urban Development Boundary (UDB) was drawn along the southern and western boundaries of Miami-Dade County in an effort to create a buffer between metro Miami and Florida’s Everglades.

In 2006, the Hold the Line campaign successfully to kept the UDB from being moved to accommodate sprawling development that would strain Miami-Dade’s already backlogged infrastructure. Four new pending applications have been filed to open another 178 acres of Miami-Dade to development outside the line. An additional application is expected that seeks to add another 7,000 residential homes to the county’s roads, schools, and utilities increasing both traffic and pollution.

South Florida can’t afford to pave wetlands and permit new developments that will draw from our already taxed water supply and jeopardize the Everglades.

Action: We need people and organizations to join the Hold the Line Campaign and send the message to lawmakers. To learn how you can help fight sprawl, please contact us at (305) 489-5949, or

Imagine a Miami where we all have our American dream.

It can happen when we work together.

Everyone agrees that growth is an opportunity to improve our Miami-Dade community, but growth must be fair and include our needs. We want safe neighborhoods, clean air and water. We want transportation choices beyond mind-numbing traffic.

The big picture has to be kept in mind, including the well-being of existing communities. We are for housing choices for all families in vibrant cities, suburbs, towns and rural areas.

To get there, we need to put all options on the table, take all costs into account, and fairly evaluate the big picture.

We must make our region growth-ready: that means finishing the job of existing infrastructure needs and protecting what we have as we look to our future together.

Our first campaign is to persuade Miami-Dade decision-makers to "Hold the Line", the Urban Development Boundary that separates urban areas from environmental and agricultural lands.

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This website is a project of:

Clean Water Action/Clean Water Fund
190 Ives Dairy Road, Suite 106
Miami, Florida 33179
305.653.9108 fax

Cara Capp
South Florida Community Organizer

Discuss, learn, and communicate on UDB and issues related to the South Miami Dade Watershed Study on:

South Dade Watershed Study
Adopt a Plan Campaign to rescue, protect and preserve a beautiful Miami-Dade County!


Download "No Brainer"-Why Hold the Line makes sense for Miami-Dade (PPT - Windows Power Point Presentation)

Youth and Future of Miami-Dade Stand Up to Protect the UDB!
"The Miami-Dade County Student Government Association is proud to join the Hold The Line campaign in its efforts to stop county commissioners from moving the urban development boundary line. We as students believe that our environment is precious and unique to our state and that it should be kept intact and untouched. As President of an organization that represents over 360,000 students throughout Miami-Dade County, it is my job to look out for the students' best interests. We urge the Commission to oppose all remaining applications to expand the UDB."

Ronald Bilbao President,
Miami-Dade County Student Government Association

Hot Off the Presses: Watch the Channel 4 news report and poll results that show an overwhelming majority oppose moving the UDB! (Look to the upper right corner of the screen after you click).
United Teachers of Dade County have joined over 130 Organizations and Businesses currently supporting the Hold the Line Campaign!