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Miami-Dade’s Sprawl Checkup!
Now is your chance to weigh in and be heard! Miami-Dade County is due for it’s 7-year exam and your input is needed to reinvest in our existing communities!

Overdevelopment and traffic have become too costly to Miami families. The Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) is our chance help redirect County growth management policies Development Master Plan (CDMP) and offer solutions!
Please attend of the town hall meetings near you!
August 24th 6-8:30 p.m. Martin Luther King Center
2525 NW 62 Street, 2nd Floor. Miami, Fl 33147

August 25th 6-8:30 p.m. West Kendall Regional Library
10201 Hammocks Blvd, Miami, Fl 33196

August 26th
6-8:30 p.m Miami Lakes Library
6699 Windmill Gate Road, Miami, Fl 33014

August 27th 6-8:30 p.m South Dade Government Center
10710 SW 211 Street Miami, FL 33189

August 31st 8:30 p.m West Dade Regional Library
9445 Coral Way Miami, FL 33165
YOUR VOICE is needed at these important meetings. It’s time to tell Miami-Dade officials that our economy, our environment, and our community can’t afford to keep bailing out private land developers!
Board of County Commissioners Hearing
County Commission Chamber
111 N.W. 1st Street

Educate yourself about the watershed study online at: and

Earlier this year, our position against moving the Urban Development Boundary prevailed in 9 of 10 related requests across the county. Our informal coalition also supported advocates for affordable housing and shared the position that much more needed to be done to accommodate the needs of existing residents.

Well, in the intervening months, the public learned what was being done - or not being done- under the watch of the county commission and the county's housing agency.

Those of you who took valuable time from your busy days to appear at the county commission and to testify, can easily imagine that the busy work being done at the county for big developers and property owners took their attention away from the neediest in our community.

It is a worthwhile cause and clearly aligned with our goal to contain growth within the Urban Development Boundary. The following message is from Sushma Sheth at the Miami Workers Center:

Dear Friends,
Last week over 200 directly impacted residents, and advocates, faith and labor leaders, as well as members of community organizations and churches filled the County Commission Chambers. Twenty five speakers from the County Coalition on Emergency Housing Relief from every county commission district testified to the dire need for affordable low-income housing.

We ask you to support this issue with your own voice. Send a message to Chairman Joe Martinez and the county commissioners that we are expecting them to be responsible for the residents of Miami-Dade County. We are asking them to take urgent action to ensure that there are at least $200 million in the county budget for low-income housing. Your VOICE is critical to our success.

Take action HERE!

Our public testimony was crucial for representing the dire need for housing throughout the county. Now it's time for the commmissioners to step up and demostrate that they have the political will and integrity to respond to the needs of our communities. YOU CAN HELP.

Take action HERE!

The commissioners and county manager are deliberating over a $6.8 billion annual budget for the county. The Coalition believes that affordable housing MUST be a top priority in this year's budget. We called on county government to take these critical actions:

1. Create a county-wide voucher rental assistance program
2. Fill and rehabilitate all public housing vacancies immediately
3. Build new low income housing, starting at the Crosswinds site in Overtown
4. Rebuild 850 low-income homes in the Scott-Carver Homes community
5. Establish a community oversight body to ensure accountable development

Thanks for your support,

Also: Take action!
Support the coalition for Emergency Housing Relief and its efforts to increase funding for housing for low-to-moderate income residents in Miami-Dade County. Local elected officials have allocated $10 million for housing in 2007, far less than what is needed in the community. Click here to help restore funding for affordable housing and join the coalition.

The Urban Environment League is composed of people from many
walks of life who have one thing in common: A concern for how
our community looks, how it functions and the integrity of the
government process. Visit:

Sant La Haitian Neighborhood Center and scores of local businesses and farms are also new allies in the fight to maintain the UDB.

Please call or email the following County Commissioners who took a stand to Hold the Line:
Katy Sorenson 8 - 305-375-5218
Carlos Gimenez 7 - 305-375-5680
Sally Heyman 4 - 305-375-5128
Dennis Moss 9 Vice Chairman - 305-375-4832
Rebeca Sosa 6 - 305-375-5696

Email your commissioners!
Not sure who your commissioner is? Click here
Name and District
Joe A. Martinez 11 - Chairman
Dennis Moss 9 - Vice Chairman
Barbara Jordan 1
Dorrin Rolle 2
Audrey Edmonson 3
Sally Heyman 4
Bruno Barreiro 5
Rebeca Sosa 6
Carlos Gimenez 7
Katy Sorenson 8
Javier D. Souto 10
Jose "Pepe" Diaz 12
Natacha Seijas 13
Miami-Dade County Commissioners' Web -

For further information about meetings and other scheduled events,
call 305-485-5949 or e-mail

Also in the news: Read the Watchdog Report on the efforts of one Miami-Dade School Board Member, Evelyn Greer, who is leading the call for the School Board to help maintain the UDB. You can contact members of the School Board for their support and thank Ms. Greer at the Board's website prior to their next meeting this Wednesday.

JOIN THE CAMPAIGN! If you are a business owner and would like your company or business to be recognized as a Hold the Line campaign member please call (305) 485-5949 so we can include you among supporters!